1. How long does a course of DANSHEN PLUS (DP) last? Can DP be taken for a long period of time?

A course of DP for CHD induced angina is 24 weeks. The doctor in accordance with results of examination may allow further and long-time usage. Long time administration is suggested.

2. What is the difference between oral and sublingual administration of DP?

A. First aid and patients intolerant to gastrointestinal irritation — sublingual administration

Sublingual venous plexus is one important route of administration, for water-soluble drugs may quickly enter circulation through the thin mucosa and considerable vessels under the tongue and play their actions.

B. Patients disliking the mouth-feel of sublingual administration — oral administration

Before going into circulation, an orally administered drug must pass through the stomach, the liver, the main site of drug breakdown, and the intestine, experiencing the first-pass effect. As a result, some of the active substances are removed from the blood and the concentration of the drug is reduced.

Comparatively speaking, the bioavailability of a drug sublingually administered is higher than that orally administered.

3. Why can DP relieve angina so quickly?

i) Dripping pill dosage form: ingredients are dispersed in the substrate in the form of molecules or tiny crystals, which help to promote absorption, shorten the time to effectiveness and increase bioavailability.

ii) Sublingual administration: directly absorbed into the blood through lingual mucosa.

iii) Pharmaceutical innovation (GEP): extract and refine water-soluble ingredients to quicken effectiveness.

4. Which types of persons is DP UNFIT for?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women: since DP stimulates circulation and removes stasis, it should be used for pregnant women with caution, and breastfeeding women must follow doctor's advice.

Children: administration of DP to children has been documented. DP has been used for 42 cases of paediatric bronchitis or pneumonia with an ORR of 90.5%, which is higher than conventional anti-infective therapies.

5. Is DP effective on chest pain?

Since chest pain may be caused by various reasons, it is advisable to go to the doctor for diagnosis and necessary examinations. If you are diagnosed with CHD, DP will be your best choice.

6. Is there any scientific proof for DP relieving arteriosclerosis?

Worldwide application of DP has shown that DP does lower blood lipid levels and relieve arteriosclerotic plaques. Studies by experts in recent years find that DP shrinks arteriosclerotic plaques in the carotid artery. These scientific findings are really significant for us human beings, for they change the previous impression that arteriosclerotic plaques never turn small.

7. I am already consuming hospital medicines. Can I take Danshen Plus? 

Yes, you can take Danshen Plus as it’s a supplement.

8. Are there any side effects?

The contents are herbal base and there are not known adverse effects by consuming Danshen.

9. I'm pregnant. Can I consume Danshen Plus?

Danshen Plus has not been tested with pregnant and/or breast-feeding mothers. Therefore, we do not encourage.

10. When should I take Danshen Plus?

It can be taken anytime of the day – preferably before meals.

11. How many capsules should I take if it is for prevention?

Minimum 2 capsules/day.

12. How many capsules should I take if I have medical conditions such as blockages, diabetes, hypertension and stroke? 

Danshen Plus is a powerful supplement that helps in improving blood microcirculation. Follow as per the instruction on the label.

13. How does Danshen Plus help with my diabetes?

Danshen Plus effectively helps in diabetic related complications.

14. Can Danshen Plus lower down my blood sugar?

Danshen Plus is not a medicine for diabetes.

15. I have gastric. Can I take Danshen Plus after my meal?

Yes, you can.